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If you are longing for a treat in an Italian restaurant in the UK, you can easily get it by going to Prezzo. It’s a pretty neat place. One thing really notable about this particular Italian restaurant is that they’re not stingy on the servings, unlike most fancy restaurants. The meals the customers get here also taste great, and they’ll sure to give you a pleasurable experience to remember. They offer a full course and it’s probably best to come here for dinner with a group or a date with you. One notable thing about Prezzo is their pizza. The crust is just right, not too thick and not too thin. You’ll find the usual Italian pizza ingredients on your pizza and you’re sure to be satisfied with it. You’ve really got to try some out, and the pastas here are delectable. Aside from the pizza and pasta, there are also other dishes served in the establishment. You really have to try them out some time. The service the waiters and waitresses provide here are also top notch. They have pretty excellent service, efficient and polite that you’ll just have to leave a bigger tip for their work. It is a good idea to bring either friends or family with you since this place is pretty group-friendly. This place will surely keep you coming back for more so it would be best if you take advantage of voucher codes from to get even better deals out of the restaurant. You can get deals as big as 2 for 1 when you dine the next time, so remember to check back frequently. prezzo VOUCHERS